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Congratulations! The JDSF joins with our membership in welcoming you to our family!

Yes, you will have challenges but remember you are not alone. You have support as you give your son or daughter all the love he or she deserves. It's time to learn all you can about Down Syndrome and this website is here to help you.

Important watchwords for any new parent at this time are ‘early stimulation’. This will make a critical difference to the development of your child and help him/her achieve his/her full potential.

When first learning that your baby/child has Down Syndrome, your feelings may be similar to many parents who first received the report from their medical practitioners. These feelings may include: shock, disbelief, sorrow/grief, protectiveness, revulsion, inadequacy, embarrassment, anger and guilt. With time, majority of parents have been found to adjust remarkably. Take one day at a time!  Do not expect total acceptance. It is natural to have bad days. It is important to share feelings with your partner/loved one, support each other and try and arrange to spend time together. Explain to siblings as much as their age will allow about Down Syndrome.

Spend special time with ALL your children. Include ALL your children in family activities. Treat ALL your children equally fair so as not to create jealousy. Help your children cope if being teased about a sibling with Down Syndrome. Involve grandparents, other relatives and friends.

Down Syndrome is a condition that your baby/child has. It is not who he or she is. Remember you are not alone!

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